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Hello Toronto (Timelapse / Hyperlapse) | Discover Toronto in 3 minutes



The video footages are available for Licensing on my website

2 years, 32 locations, 5250 pictures captured

I left my established life in Paris over two years ago and set out to garner international work experience. It was my aim to conjure a new and lasting cognizance that would stay with me upon my return to France. Immediately, as a foreigner, I realized that capturing a new city can be challenging; not only was I unfamiliar with the city itself, but many details themselves were completely novel. For example: photographing any building required authorizations from various authorities, or how all the electric lines here are not buried…etc, etc.

The most laborious part of the project was the post-production taking several hundred hours to stabilize the moving captures. To capture the ‘moving landscapes’ I had to move along with the camera to create this amazing dynamic, an effect called Hyperlapse. The mastering of this technique requires time and patience.

Here’s the entire workflow for every single piece of footage:

1. Adobe Lightroom (pre-treatment of the pictures)
2. LR Timelapse (Deflickering)
3. Adobe Photoshop (Batch Treatment Sharpening, Color adjustments etc.)
4. Adobe After Effects (Video effects, stabilization)
5. Adobe premiere (Final video editing)
Nikon D600
ND and polarizing filters

The Cell by C2C
1. City Hall
2. University of Toronto
3. Thomson hall
4. Queen’s Park
5. Distillery District
6. CN Tower from Queen & Lisgar
7. Royal Bank Plaza
8. Queen & Dufferin
9. Eaton Center
10. Old City Hall
11. City Hall
12. Lakeshore from exhibition place
13. Ontario Legislative Building
14. Skyline from the Wards Island
15. Church & Jarvis
16. Skyline from centre Island
17. Skyline from Dufferin Street
18. Skyline from the port
19. CN Tower from Queen & Lisgar
20. Bloor & Bathurst
21. Gardiner Express from Bay Street & Queens Quay
22. Front Street East & Jarvis
23. Dundas Square
24. Saint James Park
25. Bay & Queen
26. University & Queen
27. City Hall
28. Queen & Bay Street
29. Royal Ontario Museum
30. Dundas Square
31. Bloor & Bay
32. Old City Hall

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