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Nikon D5500 Night & Sunrise 4K Time Lapse Garage Roof


In this video I tested out the Nikon D5500 time lapse feature and used the program auto exposure and turned exposure smoothing on. It was an excellent test of how well the exposure smoothing feature works on the Nikon D5500 and it was also choosing white balance with each photo. I believe white balance was also smoothed.

This time lapse consists of a total of exactly 2000 photos, and the clouds during the night and day were absolutely perfect for this time lapse.

Lens: Sigma 10mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM Fisheye for Nikon F Mount

Exposure settings:
1 image every 20 seconds (3 images/minute)
Program Auto
The exposures started as f/2.8 8s at ISO 400
exposure smoothing on
2000 photos (3/8/2016 from 1:17am to 12:23pm)
I used 14 bit NEF RAW image files

Edited using Adobe Camera Raw (to create .JPG files with corrected vignetting and chromatic aberration) and Adobe Premiere Pro (to assemble .JPG files into a 4K video)




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