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How to shoot a hyperlapse (the easy way!)


This tutorial teaches you how to shoot a hyperlapse the easy way. I use a DSLR to shoot full-resolution photos for each frame. I generally don’t use a tripod or intervalometer (time lapse controller). Instead, I shoot hand-held and trigger each frame manually. All the examples you see in this video were shot handheld. That makes it a lot faster and easier to shoot them, and it allows you to shoot in locations that don’t allow tripods or are too crowded for tripod use.

1:26 Framing and lens Choice
2:54 Triggering shots
4:18 Movement intervals
5:28 Planning out your path
7:51 Camera settings
8:38 Final result of example hyperlapse shot during this tutorial
9:06 Shooting from boats

To stabilize the example hyperlapse I shot during this tutorial (you can see a time lapse of me shooting it at 7:45) I just ran AE warp stabilizer with the default settings. You can see the result at 8:38.

Learn how to stabilize your hyperlapse in Adobe After Effects
Basic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr9DF5iSSk4
Advanced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFjEiVa29_U

Here are some hyperlapse projects I’ve shot

Thanks to Affinity for the music. This song is called A Beginning.




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