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Stunning timelapses of Ladakh – Timeless journey in 4k


This project is also available in digital cinema 4K

As wedding photographers and cinematographers, we get to shoot … A LOT! But something is always missing, something that got us into our profession in the first place … shooting for ourselves. Our trip to Ladakh this fall was intended to address the same.

The idea was to just stop, stare and admire at the miracles of Nature in the dry desert territory. This also sounded like the perfect womb for making a timelapse or two. But alas …we got addicted! The trip spanned over 15 days and we came back with pretty amazing sequences. Here we present to you our timeless journeys in Ladakh.

This project also helped us to get deep understanding of timelapses, motion controlled shot, moon phases, dynamic range and so on. So if you have a timelapse project, contact us on our social media below.

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Music by – THE XX – Intro
motion control with the eMotimo TB3 Black – http://emotimo.com

PS: Write to us at info@knotinfocus.in for purchase/preview of the 4k version




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