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Mauritius – Time Lapse in 4K with GoPro


This video was entirely shot with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition either directly in 4k with 15FPS for short time, or with continuous photo mode with 1 picture per 10 seconds at 12 megapixels for longer lapsing. The Fisheye effect was removed through GoPro Studio. This is Mauritius on the beach with a sunrise from 4 am to around 8 am, and 2 short time lapses that were shot during around 20 minutes. Sorry for not having that much different clips… I lost three others since then. Watch in highest quality you can! 🙂

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– Music : Signaling through the flames – The American Dollar

Captured with a GoPro 3+ Black Edition & edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac.




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