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Space Engineers Timelapse – Drone Carrier “Toucan”


Timelapse video of a drone carrying space ship I build in Space Engineers. In the video there’s also a short time lapse of the mining drone being built.

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► Description of the space ship:
The Toucan was designed to be a drone carrier for mining drones and to support a wide range of mining operations in open space asteroid fields. Beside of the large storage capabilities for a ship of its size and the ore porcessing features, its main characteristic are the four docking ports for mining drones or other small ships. The Toucan was designed so that it’s center of mass nearly rests on these docking ports to avoid forces from the inertance of the docked drones.

In case of pirate attacks the Toucan has some self defense options, three gatling turrets on its top, left and right side. The bottom, which holds its reactor section, is armored with heavy armor blocks.

The cockpit section holds space for up to five space engineers, of which four could control the assigned drones, while the last one could still control the Toucan. But also running this ship alone is possible, due to the use of automated drones.

This blueprint comes including two (semi) automated mining drones and a small scout ship. The drones need to be parked facing a asteroid and the mining program needs to be started. After some time the drone should stop on its own and needs to be guided back to the main ship.

► Steam Workshop Link:

► Music:
AhDah Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

► Video by Phonophobie




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