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Aerial Timelapse – Using drones to do timelapses

Imagine shooting your cloud timelapses from ABOVE the clouds! With today’s consumer drones you are actually pretty much ready for it! And you can even stay legal while doing it if you go out at the right time. This is a short video that we put together kind of just to show you this new […]

How to Deflicker a Time-lapse: Complete Tutorial

You made it to an amazing location, you took a time-lapse of the coolest thing and then when you got back to make the video you realize that the time-lapse is flickering. AAAHHH! If that describes you, this tutorial will help you deflicker it! You can fix a flickering timelapse with a few tools. I’ll […]

Complete Hyperlapse Tutorial – Start to Finish

We’ve been making hyperlapses for a couple years now and because the technique produces such amazing results, but is really not difficult, we wanted to make sure everyone knew how to do it. Here is our tutorial, from start to finish, including how to process the images in Lightroom and After Effects. Check out the […]
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