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”Storm Chasing” 4K UHD Lightning/Thunderstorms Timelapse Photography Video

Collection of year Storm Chasing Lightning and Thunder, heavy rain and Clouds. All videos are Photographed in Eastern Europe in Baltic States- Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm between electrically charged regions of a cloud, between that cloud and another cloud, or between a cloud and the […]

4K 360 Timelapse Video – 1.5 Hours of MULTIPLE INTENSE TORNADOES – Dodge City, KS

Watch as storm chasers pursue the most dangerous weather on earth, in stunning 360 degrees, showing the evolution of an incredible supercell, producing multiple strong tornadoes, barely missing Dodge City, KS. Move the camera around and watch the storm unfold as you please. Please share this incredible experience! 360 Video Camera! — bit.ly/360flycamera Want to […]
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