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Eken H9 | Time Lapse Tutorial (Original!)

Steps 1. Power on camera 2. Press mode button until reaching the menu. Looks like a wrench 3. Select Time Lapse and set the camera to how long you want in between pictures taken. I have mine set to 3, but I know 5 sec works just fine. 4. Select Continuous Lapse and turn that […]

The YI Action App TUTORIAL 1: How to connect YI 4K Action Camera to your phone? #SamiLuo

Introducing YI 4K Action Camera The Best Action Camera Ever. Period. Find more on http://yitechnology.com/actioncamera2.php?id=5 Ambarella A9SE75 SoC Low-Power, high-performance The core of YI 4K Action Camera is Ambarella A9SE75 SoC, 28nm CMOS technology, 800MHz dual core Cortest-A9 ARM processor and high-efficient Digital Signal Processor (DSP), supports H.264 BP/MP/HP first class encoding, low-power consumption even […]
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