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4K / UHD “Seen By My Eyes”, Hong Kong 《我所看見的美麗香港》Time lapse


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Contact 聯絡:http://www.fb.com/franso

Winning Timelapse of Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (LAIFF)
“Best Timelapse” of June 2015

Winning film of the 4th Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival
1st Prize in Mountain Toursim
2nd Prize in Best Timelapse
2nd Prize in Places in History
3rd Prize in Natural and Wild

(English following)
過去一年,走了香港不少地方,收集不同的香港風景、郊野及大自然等 time lapse 影片,以影片記錄了香港還是有美麗的日岀日落、星空及雲海等景致,但如今不同地區都面對著重重「發展」,日後不知還會否看到這些美麗的景色。


Over the past year, I have been to places away from the hustle and bustle city and taken pictures of Hong Kong’s natural scenery, the pure, natural side of Hong Kong. These thousands of pictures have been turned into this time lapse video. I want to show that we can still find these amazing natural scenery such as sunrise, sunset, starry nights and even clouds in our Hong Kong. Sadly, upon the increasing demands of urban developments, it would be a question of seeing such beautiful natural scenery of Hong Kong in the future.

Just as the lead-in “What is depleting is not the shutter but time” of my recent publication “The Beautiful Hong Kong Seen by Me” says, I won’t mind killing the shutter of my camera, as long as I can capture things that I see today as a review in the future.

Aug 2014

Licensed Music: Saturn by Sleeping at Last
Equipment: EOS 5D2, EOS 6D with several EF lens
Motion Control Unit: Skyler Linear Tracker 1.2m

Big thanks: Gitzo HK, Skyler, Columbia
Special thanks: Phoenix TV

English translated by: Candice Cheung

《我所看見的美麗香港》: http://goo.gl/Iqn4KF

所有影片均有 4K 及超高清解像度。
Edited and available in Cinema 4K and UHD.

Contact 聯絡:http://www.fb.com/franso




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